Georgie Porgie’s Custard Flavor Forecast

When your restaurant is in the “frozen custard capital of the world,” it’s important to set yourself apart. Our Wisconsin custard is made fresh daily! We proudly serve a unique flavor every day plus vanilla and chocolate daily and our famous butter pecan every Friday. There’s a reason we’ve landed on Visit Milwaukee’s list of 5 frozen custard stands to visit.

Today’s Flavor

Flavor of the Day - Caramel Cake

Vanilla custard, caramel swirls, yellow cake pieces

Tomorrow’s Flavor

Flavor of the Day - Tabby Kat & Butter Pecan

Chocolate custard, caramel swirls, Kit Kat candy pieces

Creamy Wisconsin Custard. Served Daily.

Uniquely-crafted flavors served in a cake cone, waffle cone or a dish!